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Welcome to the Website of the Social Economic Council of Sint Maarten

On the 10th of October 2010, Sint Maarten became an independent democratic country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. A democratic country needs checks and balances to ensure good governance. Therefore, a number of advisory boards were established of which the Social Economic Council (SER) is one. This website is to inform you what the SER entails and what we do for the people of Sint Maarten.


To objectively advise government towards sustainable development of Sint Maarten. 
To provide strategic advice with content that will change dynamic of policy discussions. To educate the Social Economic Council, board members and staff in order to improve the functioning of the SER. 


To promote sustainable development, with the aim of achieving an improved quality of life for the people of Sint​ Maarten.

Philipsburg, October 2014,
The board of the Social Economic Council of Sint Maarten
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The Social Economic Council is an independent advisory organization of the country of Sint Maarten. The board consists of three representatives from employers' organizations, three representatives from employees' organizations, and three independent experts.